Friday, February 8, 2013



When is the last time you were really, really hugged.  A hug that said..."you have been missed.  I am so glad you are here!"  A full body hug.  Not a reach around and pat coldly on the back type hug.  A hug that wraps you in the arms of that person and makes you really feel valued!  

I am of the opinion that bad physical contact or lack of physical contact is as dangerous to the human body and psyche as bad nutrition. How would Jesus have hugged people?

Make a difference this Valentine's Day and from that day forward to warm the hearts of the people around you.

Walk Don't Run

How many different types of walking are there? Have you ever thought about it? I was reviewing a lesson for Sunday School and was considering a few things about walking. First, you never run before you walk and never walk before you crawl. So as babes in Christ we will be crawling. We must be felled to our knees before we can even begin walking again.

Paul talks about walking in Ephesians. He starts in Ephesians 2:1-11. He is referring to the "old" walk. That is, the way we lived before we became children of God. It sort of reminds me of a rags to riches kind of thing. We are walking, but maybe not that gracefully and then we have Christ come into our lives and we see now what it means to walk in grace. When our new life begins, we are to start a whole new walk and after we get up off our knees to begin our new walk, it should be at a different pace and on a different path than the previous walk. Also, notice that he always refers to our travels in Christ as walks and not marathons! 

What happens when we walk rather than run? Do you see more and hear more? How does it affect you differently? You probably aren't out of breath or anything from walking and you can take your time and even appreciate what you encounter along the way. You can contemplate your steps before each one lands, you can think quietly, you can get to your destination at a steady pace.

There are several different types of walks...humanly speaking. We have the walk that bounces along, the sauntering walk, the purposeful walk, and the childlike walk. The list goes on. How are you walking in Christ?  Is it a walk that can be easily followed or would someone behind you stumble trying to imitate your walk?  In the snow this winter I contemplated this a little more as my daughter tried to follow behind me in my snow tracks and could not.  It was easier for her to try and make her own path.  Of course, each of us should be making our own path anyway, but in the beginning we may just be following behind someone else.  Just a little bit of food for thought.

Friday, October 19, 2012

I have two faithful companions that have gone with me all over the place for the past 10 to 15 years. Lanie and Mr. Jed. Two friends who have been resiliently accompanying me in my life. They have been there when I moved from Pennsylvania to Ohio and then three time in Ohio. They have gone hiking with me, walking, driving, ate meals with me, watched movies, shared laughter and tears and friendships. They have greeted friends and strangers alike when I could not get to the door and had a smile and affection for everyone they met.

I sat in the yard the other day where my Laney is buried and laid a small bouquet of Sage and Lavender on the grassy bed where she rests. The two spots in my garden she would consistently find moles, rabbits and mice were around my big Sage plants and through the straw mulch around my 200 Lavender plants. I sat and shared with only the spirit of the forest how beautiful a fall it was and how I missed seeing her and Jed bounce through the beautiful leaves with renewed energy as if the cool fall temperatures brought them new life. I will tell her again about the first snow when it comes. I will shed more tears as I remember throwing her snowballs to chase after and how they would run down the hill after the tube while we laughed and squealed. I will miss seeing Mr Jed run as fast as he could through the snow and take big mouthfuls as he went.

Always kind, always forgiving, never judgemental. Willing to go wherever I wanted to go whenever I wanted to go. Hearts like lions. Rottweilers in a Terrier body. I will forever miss my Jacks.